Fusion Transformer Pro Launch

Metadata Technology is proud to launch its Fusion Transformer Pro validation and transformation software product.

You can already download and use the Fusion Transformer free tool and this is very popular with many users who wish to transform a dataset structured in one syntax/version of SDMX to another syntax/version. Last year, we launched a free to use web service for data validation, hosted on data.sdmxcloud.org, which is also very popular – with over 60 organisations using it.

Our users have asked us for a tool that can be run in-house and which combines the facilities of the Fusion Transformer and the facilities of the premium version of the data validation service. So, we have combined all these facilities and made them available as an in-house tool – Fusion Transformer Pro.

The Fusion Transformer Pro is a web application which provides users with the ability to load, validate, transform, map, and export data via their web browsers. In keeping with the Fusion Transformer, the Pro version also provides a lightweight command line client.

The Fusion Transformer Pro supports most formats and versions of SDMX, including SDMX-EDI, and in addition it supports both reading and writing to and from CSV and Microsoft Excel.

For users who have to report data in SMDX format, the Fusion Transformer Pro offers a file storage area where the datasets can be retrieved in any SDMX format via its web service.

We think you will find the facilities available in Fusion Transformer Pro beneficial for both data collection and data reporting, and easy to integrate into your business process workstream.

If you would like to find out more about Fusion Transformer Pro, you can read the product information.

If you would like to download Fusion Transformer Pro, you can go to the download page.

As always, we are interested in hearing your feedback and suggestions so we can continue to progress and improve our products and services to the SDMX community.

We hope you will find this of interest.