Fusion Transformer - using structures from the Web

A little known feature of the Fusion Transformer is that it can obtain structures from a URL. This allows you to use publicly available SDMX registries to provide your structures when converting data.

To see an example of this, we shall use Metadata Technology's demonstration Registry, located at https://registry.sdmxcloud.org

Converting a data file:

To refer to a structure that is hosted in an SDMX Registry we simply use the -s switch as normal. The value for the structure is a URI. URIs can be files or URLS. So the following will convert the EDI file "MyEdi.ges" located in c:\temp into SDMX 2.1 but will obtain the DSD from our website.

dataTransform.bat -d file:///c:/temp/MyEdi.ges -s http://demo.metadatatechnology.com/FusionRegistry/ws/rest/datastructure/BIS/BIS_M_IBLN/1.0 -f compact -v 2.1 -o Data_2.1.xml

Converting a structure file:

Of course we can get a local copy of a structure when using a structure from the web. The following command will make a local copy of the BIS Datastructure BIS_M_IBLN in SDMX version 2.0 format and save it to the file BIS_IBLN_2.0.xml

structureTransform.bat -s http://demo.metadatatechnology.com/FusionRegistry/ws/rest/datastructure/BIS/BIS_M_IBLN/1.0 -v 2.0 -o BIS_IBLN_2.0.xml

Just remember that when referring to a structure you must use the full http reference.

Good luck!