Fusion Transformer 1.7 Released

The latest release of Fusion Transformer has been released. For those who don't know, Fusion Transformer is a free command-line application, that simply allows you to convert SDMX structure and data files from one format to another.

Fusion Transformer aims to be a simple tool, with not many features. But it aims to perform its task well! It makes use of data streaming which means that there is no restriction on the size of input or output files. So put it through its paces and see for yourself.

Fusion Transformer makes use of SdmxSource. It is basically a wrapper around the latest release of SdmxSource. It allows you to make use of the transformation and validation features of SdmxSource without having to code in Java.

You can read more about it on our SdmxFusion web site
or you can download it from our download page here.