Fusion Transformer 1.18 Released

This new release of Fusion Transformer introduces a new option "edi-lenient" which allows EDI files to be created in a lenient mode.

This means that the owning agency for Codelists and Concept Schemes is effectively ignored. So if you are converting a DSD which belongs to Agency1 and which refers to a Codelist in Agency2, attempting to convert this into EDI is not strictly allowed, since EDI cannot express that the DSD and Codelist are in different agencies. By using EDI-LENIENT this restriction is ignored and the outputted EDI file would state that both are owned by Agency1.

It is a simple option to use, just specify the version as "edi-lenient" rather than "edi". For example:

structureTransform.bat -s file:///c:/temp/FusionTransformer-1.18/myDSD.xml -v edi-lenient -o myDSD.edi

Fusion Transformer is a free product and can be downloaded from our website in the usual manner. But you may be interested to know that there are big changes afoot with the Fusion Registry and soon it will be supporting data.