Fusion Transformer 1.14 Released

We have released an updated version of the Fusion Transformer, our free tool for converting SDMX and EDI files from one format to another.

This is a maintenance release which addresses a number of issues raised by our customers. In particular:

  • The attribute id PRE_BREAK_VALUE is now treated the same way as OBS_PRE_BREAK
  • Addressed an issue with the DTM segment and invalid date.
  • SDMX version 1.0 should not create dates in quarterly format (YYYY-Qq) but rather monthly format (YYYY-MM)

Fusion Transformer is a free product and can be downloaded from our website in the usual manner. But for those of you who are finding that the Fusion Transformer is not quite as powerful as you require, may we point you in the direction of Fusion Transformer Pro...