Data Management with Fusion Registry Version 9

We are proud to announce that Fusion Registry Version 9 is coming soon and we will see some big changes in data and metadata management.

Fusion Registry 9.0 now supports both structural metadata management, data management, and reference metadata management, making it a single solution for data collection, discovery, and dissemination.

We’ve integrated the capabilities of the Fusion Matrix, Fusion Cloud Data Services, and Fusion Transformer Pro into a single solution. This gives you the ability to validate your data, publish your data, persist your data, and connect to existing data stores from the Fusion Registry.

This integration has provided simplification to our Fusion Technology stack and we’re sure you’ll love the benefits.

We provide a simple data overview allowing you to drill into the contents of your datasets. We have a data web service, with a initiative query builder, we provide data browsing capabilities, simple charting, and with our JavaScript libraries we make it possible for you to build your own User Interface.

Whether you require a data storage solution, data portal solution, or to simply open your existing data store to the SDMX world, the Fusion Registry does it all.

If you are interested in Fusion Registry 9.0 why not read our blog post on Integration with Microsoft Excel. We've also written a post on using the SDMX Connectors project from the Banca d'Italia, to connect Fusion Registry data to your statistical products such as Matlab, R, STATA, and SAAS.

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