Fusion Registry and Microsoft Excel

One of the most requested features we get at Metadata Technology is the ability to integrate our products with Microsoft Excel. It seems a lot of our users also use Microsoft Excel as part of their business life, so we have been putting a lot of thought into how we can best accommodate our users' needs.

Over the next few weeks there will be a number of announcements and blog posts about how the Metadata Technology products support Microsoft Excel so please do keep watching this feed. Today we are going to talk about one of the simplest features that we currently provide: report generation within the Fusion Registry.

Within the Fusion Registry there exists a tab for Excel Reports.
Excel Report Page Within this tab, you will find a link for 4 basic reports. These reports are:

  • Concept Usage for all Agencies - This report lists all of the Concept Schemes that are being used in Data Structure Definitions (DSDs). The report lists the Concept Schemes by ID, Name and version and states which DSD the Scheme is used in. If a Concept Scheme is not being used in a DSD it will not be listed here.
  • Codelist Usage for all Agencies - This report lists the Codelists that are being used in DSDs. The codelist is listed by ID, Name and Version and states which DSD the codelist is being referenced in. It is possible for a codelist to be mentioned more than once. For example a commonly used codelist such as CL_FREQ will most likely be listed against a number of DSDs.
  • Data Structures Report for All Agencies - This report outputs Data Structures in Microsoft Excel format allowing for clear evaluation of how your DSDs have been defined. Customers have found this useful when comparing DSDs
  • Codelist Report for All Agencies - This reports outputs all of the Codelists and their contained codes within a single Worksheet. We all know that Codelists can be very long so do be aware that the report generated can be quite sizeable. However feedback has shown that users have found it helpful to be able to cross-reference different codes in different Codelists.

Note: It is possible to generate a report for a single Agency rather than for all Agencies in the Registry. This can be done by using the drop-down control at the top of the page, to select the Agency you wish to report on. Now clicking on a report will only generate a Microsoft Excel file for that Agency.

These simple reports will help you to see which structures are cross-referenced in the Registry and hopefully give you a better understanding of how the structures are being used.

As always we love to hear your feedback. If you have ideas for other reports you'd like to see in the Registry then please drop us a line.

We hope that you found this post useful. As stated earlier do watch this blog for further updates about Microsoft Excel and Fusion Products.