Fusion Registry 8.4 Released

For the past 6 month, Metadata Technology has been running secret experiments deep underground below the MT Headquarters.

Using our recently upgraded Large Source Code Collider (LSCC) we have been able to accelerate versions of SDMX Source to hitherto unseen velocities. What we witnessed were collisions releasing energies of unprecedented magnitude. At energies reaching 6.5TeV we were able to fuse two source codes together to create a new stable source code, a source code that was previously only theorised in mathematical models. The new source code is so powerful that we were unsure if our Fusion software would be able to harness such power without imploding in on itself. But, thanks to the hard work and determination of our team, we have been able to replace the very core of the Fusion Registry, Fusion Transformer Pro, and Fusion Matrix with the new Fusion Source - and what we witnessed was speeds in excess of 40x faster for SDMX-ML structure processing.

We are proud to announce the release of the Fusion Registry v8.4 – enhanced with Fusion Source. So download it now, for free, and take it for a test drive.

More tools will follow shortly.

The Metadata Technology Team