Fusion Registry 8.1.11 Release

A new version of the 8.1 release of Fusion Registry is now available - version 8.1.11. This is a maintenance release which addresses a number of bug-fixes that came out of customer feed-back and further testing (for a full-list see the bottom of this post).

This release does have a new image for the front page of the Maintenance Tool. After some customer feedack, we've moved from a blue design to a red design, to increase the readability of the information on the front page.

Download it and let us know what you think!


  • [FR-49] - Flex Technical Tool: Dataflow page: Referenced Data Structure URN is wrong
  • [FR-54] - Flex: Modify Dataflow does not select correct DSD by default
  • [FR-57] - Flex: Editing a concept wrong version selected
  • [FR-58] - Flex: Concept Scheme not showing coded dimensions
  • [FR-59] - Flex: Home page is difficult to read and does not fit on small screens
  • [FR-60] - Flex: MSD page does not have a control for setting the Target
  • [FR-61] - Flex: MSD Report Structure sometimes reports odd objects
  • [FR-77] - About box incorrect
  • [FR-83] - 500 error in search
  • [FR-84] - XSS attack on search
  • [FR-85] - CSS buttons cause rendering issues
  • [FR-87] - Maintenance Tool: Importing a CSV file sometimes fails and just shows a number
  • [FR-93] - HTML UI: Drop-down goes up rather than down. Makes it unusable