Browsing Dataset in Excel

With Fusion Registry version 9 now offering a data management solution, we have upgraded FusionXL to allow users to browse and query your connected data stores directly from within Excel.

By adding the FusionXL plugin, it is possible to set up a connection to either a local, or hosted Fusion Registry, and then use the Ribbon controls to browse both the datasets, or supporting metadata.

FusionXL provides an intuitively simple query builder, which feeds back to the user which choices are available based on each query selection, and how many series match the criteria.

On data query, your Excel worksheet is instantly updated with the query result, and we’ve included the means to change your data view between flat, time series, and pivot, with some built in graphing facilities, and links to additional dataset metadata.

FusionXL 2.0 is a free download available now.

Fusion Registry version 9 with data storage capabilities is coming soon!